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At easyHotel we operate and try to answer all your questions entirely online, in order for us to keep the prices down and attend to the guests in the hotels. The Frequently Asked Questions and contact email details are available for any type of enquiry below. Please accept our apologies for the fact that we only answer questions to which the answers cannot be found in any of the categories of the (Most) Frequently Asked Questions below.

Breakfast, lunch & dinner

  • Breakfast: Where is breakfast served and at what times?

  • Restaurant: Do you have a restaurant & bar?

General Hotel Information

  • Address: What is the address of the easyHotel....

  • Bank: Where is the nearest bank or currency exchange?

  • Check-in/check-out: What is the check-in/check-out time?

  • Compliments & reviews: How do I compliment an easyHotel?

  • Currency: What is the currency in The Netherlands?

  • Doctor: Is a doctor available at the hotel?

  • Drinking water: Is it safe to drink tap water in The Netherlands?

  • Kids free: Do children stay free at easyHotels?

  • Late check-in: Can I check-in after 18.00 hours?

  • Letters & packages: Do you accept my package if I have it sent to the hotel?

  • Lift: Do you have a lift?

  • Lost & found: What if I left an item at a easyHotel?

  • Luggage/baggage: Can baggage be stored at the hotel?

  • Opening hours: Is the hotel open 24 hours a day?

  • Pets: Do easyHotels accept pets?

  • Room size: Are all your rooms really as small as it looks like?

  • Room types: What types of rooms are available in the hotel?

  • Smoking: Do you allow smoking on property? In the rooms?

  • Special needs: How do I find hotel accommodations for the physically challenged at a specific easyHotel?

  • Special request: How can I make a special request regarding my stay?

  • Tourist information: Do you have a tour desk where I can book excursions during my stay?

  • Voltage: What voltage do you use in The Netherlands?

  • WiFi: Do you have high-speed wired and/or wireless internet access available?

Location & directions


Rooms & rates

Travelling with children

  • Baby cot: Can I reserve a baby cot to be placed in the room?

  • Children free: Do children stay free at easyHotels?

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