Take our bikes for a spin

After weeks of quarantine, the thing we want most is a good breath of fresh air. What better way to stretch your legs, see the sights and relax than cycling?

The Netherlands is home to endless kilometers of paved bicycle paths and flat terrain cycling. This is the perfect outdoor activity to get you moving, whether you want to explore the city or the surrounding countryside.

See the windmills, waterways and incredible architecture of The Netherlands from the back of an easyHotel bike. It’s the Dutch way.

Our bikes are available to rent at the following locations:

easyHotel Amsterdam City Centre South
easyHotel Amsterdam Arena Boulevard
easyHotel Amsterdam Zaandam
easyHotel The Hague City Centre
easyHotel The Hague Scheveningen Beach
easyHotel Maastricht City Centre
easyHotel Rotterdam City Centre

easyHotel bicycles