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North-South Line

On July 22 the North/South line will finally be in use after 15 years. Before that happens, there must be more testing. We would like to inform you about the last phase of the North/South line project.


From the first half of April until the beginning of June 2018, the Dutch public transport company GVB will practice different situations with and without test travellers. The tests will take place mostly underground, which limits the possible inconveniences.

There may be more activity at and around the north/south line than you are used to. Rides will be tested, but also various calamities, such as evictions and fire drills can take place. There is a possibility that a calamity excitation takes place. In that case the emergency exits of the north/south line will be used.

When practicing various calamities, emergency services will be present at the station where the test takes place. Signs will be placed to clarify that the north-south line will be tested.

During the test drives, if necessary, additional people will be deployed.  You can think of GVB staff and service employees.


On and around the stations and along the North/South line route.


During mid April until the beginning of June 2018.

Time of day

7 days in the week between 05.30 and 01:00

New stops

The new line will have the following stops:

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