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Looking for a delicious & affordable breakfast, lunch or dinner while enjoying the authentic city of Zaandam? We’ve selected the best restaurants for you, where you can get up to 15% discount!

Choose one of the restaurants below and get the route by clicking on one of them.

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Bagel and Beans

Bagels & Beans (Stadhuisplein Zaandam)

At Bagels & Beans, different rules apply. You feel it as soon as you walk through the door. Why is this? The atmosphere, the people and the tranquillity. Small, but still important factors. Just too many to mention. All these have one thing in common: attention. For you. Our products. Where they come from, who makes them and how they are made; often organic, always fresh and prepared with care. If something goes wrong (believe me, it happens every day), we will always fix it.

Bagels & Beans  offers a breakfast for just €7.95 pp: Jus d’orange + coffee/tea + bagel cream cheese, marmalade, bacon, cheese.

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Bakery & breads

Porto Fino

Portofino has been run by the Lovecchio family for over 35 years. The restaurant is currently owned by son Roberto and daughter Diana. Once started by mother and daughter and so the generation has continued. From the outset, the dishes were prepared on the basis of specific southern Italian products. Now, 35 years later, the dishes are prepared in the same way.

For our guests, Porto Fino offers a 10% discount.

De Pizzabakkers Zaandam

Our artisan pizzas are baked in the Italian wood oven. The bottom is crispy, thin and full of flavor. The pizzas are topped with only fresh ingredients that we buy as much as possible from traditional, small producers.

Our guests get an extra 10% off their order!


Pancho’s Cantina

Pancho’s Cantina is a cozy Mexican specialties restaurant in the center of Zaandam at Dam 52.

The interior can be described as “Traditional Mexican”: colorful, warm, attractive and informal. In our restaurant we can respond to your individual wishes and we are also able to receive larger groups. For example for receptions, weddings and other parties. We are happy to inform you about the possibilities.

Our guests receive an extra 10% off their orders!

Tokyoto Zaandam

From Post Office to an authentic Japanese restaurant. In 2013 we transformed the old post office of Zaandam into Tokyoto Zaandam sushi & grill, in 2018 we dare to say that we are the best sushi restaurant in Zaandam. You will be welcomed and guided to your table in an atmospheric Japanese ambiance, after which you can enjoy our dishes without limits. If you love sushi, Tokyoto is “the place to be” with a wide range of fresh sushi and grill dishes, so you will certainly not go home hungry. Don’t feel like going out? We have put together various extensive sushi boxes that we would like to deliver to your home.

Our guests receive and extra 10% off by Tokyoto Zaandam!


Eazie Wok Zaandam

Eazie food gives you what you need at that time.
Whether you are still going to exercise, have to keep on shooting, or just want to relax.
What you need is what you get.

Choose your feel good food from our menu or create your own.
All our wok meals, wraps, salads and smoothies are prepared on the spot for you
with fresh ingredients and an Asian magic touch of happiness.

Restaurant Aan Tafel

Because sharing a moment together is the most important thing, Restaurant Aan Tafel has encouraged the thoughts of sharing in their concept.

The dishes are placed on a platter in the middle of the table so that the sharing can begin. This immediately creates interaction among the guests in the restaurant.

In addition to their international menu, which also includes vegetarian dishes, they also offer various daily specials.



The idea: be distinctive; high-quality food, healthy and at a reasonable price. Create a casual atmosphere where people feel at home almost immediately.

The word “cartel” may have a negative connotation, but not with Burger Cartel. Cartel stands for loyal cooperation between local companies and unity between different types of guests. Everyone is welcome!

easyHotel Guests receive 15% off their order!