P+R Transferium Amsterdam Arena

P+R Transferium Amsterdam Arena is a cheap parking location at the Amsterdam ArenA stadium, located in Amsterdam-South and accessible by taking the exit Ouderkerk (exit 1) on the A2 and follow the signs to the ArenA. Driving into the ArenA parking, take the entrance P+R P1. The ArenA parking has many P+R spots available, but do note that during events in the area such as a soccer game or concerts the P+R is closed.

Burgemeester Stramanweg 130
1101 EP Amsterdam-Zuidoost

Rates for P+R Transferium

The parking fee depends on the time of arrival at the P+R.

You can pay at the terminal with usage of a bankcard or credit card.

Please note: the discounted P+R parking rate does not apply to onward journeys by other means of transport (taxi, bike, walking etc.)

ATTENTION: If you want to qualify for the low P+R rate  you always need to travel to a stop within the central area of Amsterdam’s public transport.

Rates Public Transport

De P+R GVB cards are available at the blue machines (1 per person, max. 5 cards per car).  The rate for a GVB card (public transport ticket for max. 2 persons) is € 5. Each additional person pays € 0,90 per person extra.

Rates Parking

When arriving back at the P+R you can pay at the machine for your parking. Here the machine checks if your last trip to the P+R was within the central area of Amsterdam. If your last trip with public transport did not happen in the last hour within the central area to the P+R, you have to pay the normal parking rate.

P+R Arena

This underground parking garage is located below the Pathé Cinema at the Arena Boulevard, 200 meters from the easyHotel. The address is De Corridor 15, Amsterdam Zuid-Oost.

Rates & opening hours

24 hours a day, 7 days per week

First 24 minutes: € 1.00 per hour
Each next 25 minutes: € 1.00
Maximum per day: € 24,50

P6 Pathé Arena Uitgaansdriehoek

From de A2 you should take the exit 1 ”Amsterdam-Zuidoost / Ouderkerk ad Amstel / Transferium”. Follow the signs P4 or P5, which will lead you to the following address: De Entree 1, 1101 BH Amsterdam Zuid-Oost.

Rates & opening hours

24 hours a day, 7 days per week

First 24 hours € 1.00
Each next 25 minutes: € 1.00
Maximum per day: € 24,50

P4 en P5 Villa Arena

15 minutes walking from the hotel you will find two parking options called P21 and P22. The rates for these parking areas are each € 0,50 per 21 minutes with a maximum day rate of € 13,50.  When you exit the parking you will enter a square. If you walk from the square to the station you will find next to the station our hotel.

Bijlmerplein 700 
1102 DZ Amsterdam

P21 Arena Poort