Staying at easyHotel Amsterdam Arena? Maybe you just woke up, or you’ve had a fun day shopping but you’re very hungry and searching for good food? Visit one of our restaurant partners which will give you a discount up to 25%.

Ranging from sandwiches to Turkish pizzas and juicy burgers, everyone can find their favorite dish on the Arena Boulevard. There’s so much choice between all these partners, so we decided to make a list for you so you know what to expect from each partner.

1. Bakerstreet Villa

A green building which you should notice instantly takes you to a world of home baked buns, stuffed sandwiches, warm snacks, fresh juices and smoothies and a hot fresh coffee. With their variety of healthy and fresh products, you can have a great lunch or breakfast. Bakerstreet Villa has 54 seats and is opened from Monday to Sunday. On Monday, it’s opened from 1 PM to 5 PM and on Sunday it’s opened from 10 AM to 5 PM. If you’re in need of a great lunch or breakfast, you should definitely visit this place.

There is another Bakerstreet location for takeaways, just 100 meters from the easyHotel, at the Arena Boulevard.

2. Grand Café Hoekenrode

This is an eye-catcher you definitely shouldn’t miss. You should taste one of their amazing sandwiches or wraps. If you’re in the mood for some grilled meat, this is also the place to be. Their Rib-Eye and Lump Steak are juicy, soft and very tender. Soups and small warm meals are also available for anyone who wants to eat something light and easy. Grand Café Hoekenrode is also a good place to have some drinks with your colleagues or friends. Thanks to their new self-service tapping table, you can enjoy 2 hours of cold beer which you can tap yourself. If you order a table, you’ll be able to enjoy 10 liters of ice cold and delicious beer. Grand café Hoekenrode is opened daily from 10:00 to 23:00.


Grand Café Hoekenrode

3. Grolsch Cine Café

The place to be for a great choice of delicious snacks and drinks, sandwiches or a 3-course menu. There is a Movie & Meal deal, which contains the choice of a main course and a visit to the Pathé Arena. This deal is priced at just €24,95 which sounds sweet! Grolsch Cine Café offers something for anyone who’s in the mood to have a drink, or enjoy a nice meal. For more information on the Movie & Meal deal, contact the staff on the terms and conditions.

Grolsch cine cafe

4. Marmaris

This Mediterranean restaurant serves all types of different dishes. These dishes are from amazing cuisines such as Greek, Italian and Turkish cuisines. For a delicious fish- or meat dish which is prepared on a charcoal barbecue, you should be visiting this restaurant. They also serve pizzas and pasta if you’d like to try that. Marmaris has a terrace which has room for 100 guests with a nice overview on the square. Since the restaurant is located near all of the event- and music halls, it’s the perfect place to have a business lunch or a dinner before the start of your event.

5. Grand Café 3&20

Take a moment for yourself as soon as you enter this café. Enjoy the Mediterranean herbs, smells, coffee and get dragged into a paradise of amazing food. Cheese Cakes, paninis, latte macchiato coffee, you just name it. Their buns are made from biological bread and their pizzas are made from their own oven. In short, all sorts of tasty dishes are waiting for you to taste.


Grand Café 3&20

6. Burger Bitch

The name says enough as it is. This restaurant is the king of burgers and different juicy snacks. Typical American burgers and snacks can be found here. Delicious burgers with bacon, pulled pork burgers,
spicy burgers and even hot dogs can be found here. If you really don’t want to have a cheat day, you can try one of their healthy salads. Their desserts are also top notch. Have a taste of their B&J ice-cream or their Cheese Cakes. There’s so much choice between on their menu, which leaves you mouthwatering and craving for more. The restaurant can be found on the Arena Boulevard 79.


Burger Bitch

7. Absolute Taste

How about a spicy chicken sandwich or a sandwich with Tuna salad? It’s all possible at this restaurant. They also have some great burgers and their buns are prepared with a delicious yogurt dressing, rocket melange and other delicious add-ons. These terrific sandwiches are available at 11.00 AM to 3 PM so be quick! The restaurant can be reached in 8 minutes walking from easyHotel Amsterdam Arena Boulevard.

8. Simit Sarayi

Turkish bagels, tea and all sorts of Turkish dishes, sets this baker as one of a kind. They aim on serving breakfast to start off the day in the best way possible and on serving snacks with a great aftertaste. They also offer finger food for those who are in a hurry and meals for those who can take their time. Thanks to their fast service, you’ll enjoy the food even more and you’ll most likely visit this Turkish baker more often than you’d imagine.

9. Kurios

If you’re in the mood for a typical Turkish snack or dish, such as the kapsalon, or a bun filled with Döner meat, this is the place to be. Their Turkish snacks are so delicious, that it’s addicting. I can imagine that during the lunch you’d like a nice and easy meal. If you’re in a rush, you can order your food and take it away. If you’re in the mood for something else, you can order a panini and enjoy this delicious warm snack. Kurios can be found on the Arena Boulevard 159.

10. Villa Don

Delicious sandwiches are the specialty of Villa Don. They serve cold, warm, and luxury sandwiches which leave you stuffed. You’ll want more and more each time you taste one of their snacks or sandwiches. If you’re more in the mood for something else, you can taste their famous Flemish Fries. Their milkshakes, ice creams and other products are just as tasty as their fries are. Villa Don can be found on the Boulevard Arena on the opposite site of the hotel.


Villa Don

Last but not least

There is one last honorable partner which you should visit for a delicious breakfast. You can enjoy tasty sandwiches for a reasonable price, choose from different salads or enjoy sweet snacks and cakes at Lebkov and Sons. Their fresh made juices are delightful as well as the coffee which they serve. We have composed a deal with special rates for you.

For more information on this deal, ask our staff at the reception to buy a voucher. So don’t hesitate and enjoy one of the meals of Lebkov and Sons.



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