easyHotel Bikes & Bites Package

The Netherlands is truly a country built for cycling. Safe cycle paths guide you through beautiful places in the city or out into the surrounding nature.

Our newest extra guarantees that you can make the most of this. Our Bikes and Bites add-on includes bicycle rental, a cycling tour map, and a picnic lunch. All for just €20 (per person, per day).

This extra can be reserved as an addition to your room reservation. All you need to do is indicate which day you want to reserve the Bikes & Bites Package. Rental bicycles and packed lunches can be booked for any day of the week, subject to availability.

Our Bikes & Bites Package includes:

Bikes & Bites Package cost: € 20 per person, per day

You can now book our Bikes & Bites Package for the following easyHotel locations:

• easyHotel Amsterdam Arena Boulevard
• easyHotel Amsterdam City Centre
• easyHotel Amsterdam Zaandam
• easyHotel The Hague City Centre
• easyHotel Maastricht City Centre

easyHotel Rotterdam City Center and easyHotel Scheveningen are coming soon.