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The importance of sustainability at easyHotel Benelux

As a hotel, it is inevitable that we will have an impact on our planet and society. At easyHotel Benelux we aim to be the best in the hospitality sector for our guests, environment and employees.

We want to work together to make a positive impact

With focus on an affordable price, social engagement and taking care of our people, community and the planet easyHotel Benelux is making conscious choices while still ensuring that your stay is as comfortable as possible.

Check out just a few of the things we are doing to take responsibility within the hospitality sector by focussing on the growing importance of sustainability.

Zuidoost bikes

Green Globe

To highlight our focus on sustainability we aim that all our easyHotel Benelux locations will become Green Globe certified. Every day Green Globe Members achieve great outcomes for their company, their employees, the local community and the environment.

Green Globe is the highest standard for sustainability worldwide.

We will be working with Green Label Service, a Green Globe partner, to maximise our sustainability efforts. Learn more at 

Green Globe No ‘Greenwashing’ 

We aim to be honest and transparent. Therefore, we will work with external auditors and consultants to check and improve our sustainability policy. Hence, all our hotels will be Green Globe certified.

suppliers2 Suppliers 

Our main suppliers will sign a declaration that they are committed to working with us towards a successful implementation of our Sustainable Purchasing Policy. 

trashcanwhatawaste What a waste  

Our linen and towels are provided by laundry service Van Der Kleij. They employ a circular system, recycling their textiles when they are worn out. We will become plastic free; we will use biodegradable straws and cups. We will also stock biodegradable coffee cups, try to maximise our waste separation, and use environmentally friendly cleaning products.  

watertap Water 

In each easyHotel Benelux it is completely safe to drink water from the tap. Furthermore, our water consumption will be reduced thanks to air-infused showerheads, water saving faucets and eco- flushed toilets.​ Additionally, we sell refillable and sustainable bottles made of sugar cane from bottle up for an affordable price in the vending machines.

beingkind Being kind 

Being socially involved in the people around us and further away can have a huge positive impact. Therefore, we have special toilet paper: The Good Roll! By using this 100% recycled paper, we help build toilets in developing countries. Our other suppliers are also held to sustainablesocially responsible, and regenerative project standards.  

apple2 Good Food 

Feel free to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. We will serve organic and Fairtrade coffee from our partners in our communal areas. We will also try to stock vegan and vegetarian lunch or dinner options in our hotels.

positiveenergy Positive Energy  

We have numerous examples of how we keep our energy consumption as low as possible and reduce our CO2 emissions:  

  • Where possible we will have solar panels. At the entrance of the hotel there is a panel where you can check out the production amountWe use green electricity in place of natural gas  
  • We will install LED lights at every location
  • At most of our locations bike rental is available year round 
  • Public transport tickets are sold at the reception desk 
development2 Development 

We want to see our staff grow. We offer several trainings for employees to enhance their skills on the job as well as for personal development. In addition, sustainability training is mandatory for everyone. We offer interns an educational and inspiring learning environment.  

health&safety Health & Safety 

All necessary precautionary measures are taken to create a safe and healthy place for our guests and employees. We continually aim to improve working conditions, and well-being at work. We train employees how to perform basic first aid, and organise fire and safety drills on a regular basis. All local standards for safety and hygiene are met 



Results in 2021

Due to our cooperation with Green Label Service and the hotel being Green Globe certified, our sustainability efforts have been assessed and improved in different areas. These are some examples of improvements we have made so far:


Goals for 2022-2023

  • Green Globe Certification for all easyHotel Benelux locations
  • Awareness in the company and amongst employees and guests
  • Reduce products that are individually packaged of our food and beverage offer in the hotels
  • Increase the number of organic and local products of our food and beverage offer in the hotels
  • Offer CO2 compensation for guests
  • Make a positive contribution to the surroundings, people and the environment by contributing in local projects and with local entrepreneurs