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Sightseeing in Scheveningen 

Scheveningen Beach

Scheveningen has one of the best known beaches in the Netherlands and the only real sandy beach in South Holland. The Scheveningen stand is 4.5 kilometers long and 110 meters wide on average.

Many Dutch people, but also tourists visit the cosy coastal town. Because of the cosy beach pavilions and the beloved boulevard it can therefore be very busy in the summer in Scheveningen.

The Pier

The Scheveningen Pier is a pier in the North Sea near Scheveningen. The Pier, the figurehead of the coastline of The Hague for over 65 years. A place where people live and a place where people experience. Whether you want to shop, eat & drink, laugh, or are looking for adventure

De Pier offers something for everyone. Since the opening on July 18, 2015, the renovated Pier is again freely accessible to the public. The Pier is open daily from 10 A.M. Admission is free, unless stated otherwise at special events.

Panorama Mesdag – Museum

A day at Scheveningen is not complete without a visit to the Panorama and other important works of Mesdag.

Take a 360º look around and experience the magical illusion of the 1881 delusion of Scheveningen in Museum Panorama Mesdag. The view is never the same, the light is more than beautiful and varies from minute to minute. The view of the sea, the dunes and the old fishing village of Scheveningen was painted by Hendrik Willem Panorama Mesdag. Panorama Mesdag is a unique cultural-historical monument.

The canvas has an area of approximately 1680 m2 and was painted by the painter H.W. Painted Mesdag in four months, with the support of some colleagues, including Breitner.

The whole, that is, building and panorama, was completed in the years 1880-1881. As an example of the typical 19th-century teaching and entertainment idea, Panorama Mesdag is characteristic and the only remaining panorama in the Netherlands unique

Sea Life Scheveningen

Sea Life Scheveningen is a large sea aquarium in Scheveningen. Sea Life Scheveningen is part of the international chain Sea Life, the largest aquarium operator in the world with further branches in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, England, France, Ireland, Italy and Spain.

Sea Life Scheveningen gives you a special glimpse into the wonderful underwater life of our oceans. Come face to face with sharks and rays. Learn more about sea turtles and dangerous piranhas. And meet the friendly otters and penguins in their beautiful residence. SEA LIFE has no fewer than 45 aquariums with marine animals and is open every day. The indoor attraction therefore always offers a varied outing for families with children from around 3 to 11 years, even when it rains or when the weather is bad.

Museum beelden aan Zee

Hidden in the dunes of Scheveningen, like a jewel in the sand, is the Beelden aan Zee museum. The museum was founded in 1994 by the collector couple Theo and Lida Scholten and focuses exclusively on modern and contemporary international sculpture.

Afas Circus Theatre

The original theatre was opened on July 16, 1904 by Circus Schumann. The building was designed by the architect Van Liefland. The Circus Theatre, then the Circus Building, was a real circus until the 1960s, which was only open during the summer months. The building was later named CircusStrassburger. In 1991 the complex became partly owned by Joop van den Ende. The theatre is now part of Stage Entertainment. Van den Ende uses the theatre primarily for musicals. After the purchase, Les Miserables was the first production.